If you run your business well then you already have an Accountant, Solicitor and Bank Manager.... but do you have an Insurance Broker to facilitate your insurance needs? Let us be the final piece of your pie

Our Focus

Professional Indemnity

Designed to cover your business in the event that a Third Party suffers a financial loss based on the Professional Services you have provided.

IT Liability

An industry specific and combined Professional Indemnity & Public / Products Liability insurance policy. This policy is designed to protect IT Professionals in the event that a Third Party suffers a financial loss based on both the IT services or the failure of an IT Product which you have provided.

Business & Office pack

A single insurance policy that provides the capacity to tailor your various risk exposures.

To obtain a quote simply click on the Obtain a Quote button below, print, complete and return the form to our office.

Child Minding Services

Public Liability Insurance for people working in the Child Minding Industry, namely Nannies and Babysitters.

How It Works


We obtain the relevant information from you that is required by Insurance Companies so that we can obtain Quotations on your behalf.


 We take the time to understand your business and its associated risks so that the quotations obtained are in line with your requirements.


We then consult with you regarding your options in order to implement Policies ensuring you are adequately protected.